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If you don’t aim for anything, you might not hit anything. As a team and technology- and development company we defined our vision and what we are standing for.  Especially in times of a significant disruption we have to double check where we are in private and business life. And what is important. We want to make a difference through our people, a team of dedicated professionals, who value our clients like friends, deliver on our promises and contribute to sustainable development. With one of the most exciting technologies we have the ability to create new experiences for users with augmented or enhanced environments. From health simulations training, innovative virtual humans to new forms of surgical training techniques, the possibilities are endless.


We believe that the development of new immersive user interfaces and services will help our world to cope with new reality and with future challenges. The COVID-19 pandemic is a human tragedy. We want to share and enhance our knowledge to support people and businesses in the UK and worldwide.  “Make more money” will not do the trick. It is time to help, share, support. We are all in this together. 


Business is people's business. We believe that our clients ask why we are doing what we do and not what we do. People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. As much as we love technologies and gadgets, our business is focused on people. We are growing with our business friends network and they grow with us. The creativity and solution orientation of our people is paramount. We are relying on our people's will to do their best and on our clients' will to understand when sometimes things will be delivered in a different way. The combination of all this unlock the highest value for all of us. We decided to help our front-line workers create a "resilience app" which might help them to cope with the daily stress and traumatic situations they are facing right now. We contribute with what we know best.


We believe that technology can help us to cope with life and disruption.  We are seeking to support micro- and small businesses using digital and immersive technologies. We believe that micro- and smart businesses are the backbone of our economy and that they stabilise our systems. Many of these small businesses start their life with a brilliant idea but struggle to turn them into star companies. We have identified that digital transformation key components are drivers of successful business models. That is why our business support can make a real difference. It is our hands-on, collaborative approach that results in you achieving a leap in profits. We begin by listening intently to your challenges and aspirations.


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