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In cooperation with USC we are developing Virtual human as an intelligent user interfaces. These virtual agents serve as emphatic companions. Virtual Humans are used as AI user interface for smartphone application. We developed a "resilience-stress-management" application for UK frontline healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Virtual Humans can act in a more empathic way which is crucial communicating with mental health patients. This game-changing new interface can be combined with artificial intelligent deep learning features and will help to create initial contact a broad population - particularly those who might not otherwise seek help We support researchers developing mHealth applications for mental health services, reaching out to lonely people and to support health workers to cope with stress and trauma situations, breaking down barriers to initiating support.

The goal using Virtual Humans is to motivate users to take the first step and seek information and advice with regard to their situation and their general personal welfare. The applications will encourage users to take the next step towards seeking more traditional resources. We are grateful for the support of outstanding developer group around Prof. Skip Rizzo of the University of Southern California to achieve the best result for our clients.

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