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Assessment and TRAINING

The loss of smell can markedly impair the quality of life. Losing smell can make people feel disoriented and detached. The loss of smell can also be dangerous. People who can't smell might miss gas fumes or fire. For most, the condition lasts only a few days or a few weeks. A few experts now think, however, that as smell returns, the full bouquet may not come back at once. But for as many as one-third, the loss can last for months. Due to the lack of long-term follow-up, it is unknown what proportion of Covid.19 patients really develop persistent postinfectious. Coronaviruses are one of many pathogens known to cause postinfectious OD*. These disruptions may cause temporary or longer-lasting OD*. The most to Covid 19 related syndrome is Anosmia or even Parosmia. 

Virtual reality technology might help to improve and measure smell training. A defined safe, controlled, and playful virtual test environment will boost motivation and will provide behaviour data sets for future olfactory research.  

*OD - Olfactory Dysfunction

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