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VRmed has a dedicated team of in-house media production specialists with a background of 25 years of film- tv-, photo- and audio-productions. We cover the whole work-flow from storyboard to postproduction and deliver bespoke media formats for all needs. Operating across teams, time zones, and technologies our incredible team creates a virtual-production-workflow which enables us to work even in times of significant disruptions and restrictions. We support our clients to push their digital transformation and integrate them in our virtual production flow. We know what works on LinkedIn and social media. We develop a creative strategy that will grab attention, educate and position your business as the ‘go-to’ in your industry.

What we can do for your business:

  • Our writer and editor team with work with you on a unique story and prepare the production.

  • Bring the producer and production crew and all state of the art production equipment

  • We hire actors, models or influencers to promote your products

  • Use our in-house tv and visual effect / chroma key  studio

  • Our postproduction team will edit videos to fit your objectives

  • We design a virtual-production-work-flow that  involves you in every step of your production

  • Share previews, comments, updates remotely from your office. 



Digital Venues and immersive video

Since the COVID-19 pandemic more of our clients starting to consider the true scope of immersive media beyond video games and theme parks. As a result, immersive media advertising could soon become popular across a variety of industries, from healthcare to travel. Early adopting brands can grab consumers’ attention, foster meaningful engagement and introduce them to products or services in a whole new way. What’s not to like?

Since 2014 our Unity3D development team has been creating game-changing ways of producing 360-degree-video and implement interactive components. Our interdisciplinary team of film-makers, software developers and video- audio engineers create unique immersive solutions to integrate video- and audio sources.


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