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VRmed has a dedicated software developer team for both mobile platforms IOS and ANDROID. During the restrictions our lead and junior developers are working from home. We created a virtual-development-production workflow between the home offices. With overlaid agile project-management and zoom video-conferencing we are able to proceed with all our projects also during the restriction. All data are locked on our company owned cloud-server. Only authorised members of staff have access to data related to their projects. We are currently developing several IOS and ANDROID apps related to the COVID-19 needs.

One example of an mHealth app we developed for  B. Braun Medical Ltd. is particularly useful for hospital management, clinics, patient-information. This application describes the journey of a knee operation out of the patient's perspective. Patients can explore the medical world like never before. We take a knee patient on a journey showing the pathway of his or her future knee operation before it happens. The patient meets the knee surgeon in virtual reality  who walks them through all stages and preparations of the surgery. Wearing a VR-headset the patient will see a typical  operation theater - like having the surgery. Using the app, the hospital and patient can stay in touch for rehab consultancy and emergencies. 




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