vr education

VRmed Ltd. is developing costumised iphone applications for augmented and virtual reality experience. Click on the screenshot to find our pathway app showing patient´s pathway (knee operation) our of the perspective of a patient. Talk with consultant, Pre-Physio, Operation Theatre, Recovery Area,Post-Physio and home rehab.   

#360° 3Dvr-video

VRmed Ltd. is using software that takes multiple cameras and creates a single high-resolution panoramic video in real-time, covering up to 360 degrees, with no blind spots. We are able to stream live action content directly into virtual reality headsets (Oculus VR, Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard) or deliver second-screen experiences. 

#vr laboratory

Interactive virtual environment simulating the different labs and simulations of day to day work flow in hospitals and clinics.  In every aspect, prepping students with the exact materials and equipment.

#vr simulation

Working on 3D anatomy models or designing medical tools. VR medical 3D simulation supports learning processes like in real life.