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What is digital born art ?

Digital art is an umbrella term for art created with a computer. Types include visual media, digital animation, computer-aided design, 3D models and interactive art. Webcomics, comics published primarily on the internet, are an example of exclusively born-digital art. The term born-digital refers to materials that originate in a digital form.This is in contrast to digital reformatting, through which analog materials become digital, as in the case of files created by scanning physical paper records.It is most often used in relation to digital libraries and the issues that go along with said organisations, such as digital preservation and intellectual property. However, as technologies have advanced and spread, the concept of being "born-digital" has also been discussed in relation to personal consumer-based sectors, with the rise of e-books and evolving digital music. Other terms that might be encountered as synonymous include "natively digital", "digital-first", and "digital-exclusive".

Meanwhile there is a market for digital born art and artist. Social Platforms such as SUPERRARE encourages the creation and collection of Crypto Art founded by John Crain, SuperRare has worked with artists since its conception and makes a point of listening to the artist and collector's needs. On the platform Rare digital artworks are sold using Ethereum (open platform for digital money) and are also available to trade. Artists can upload works onto the platform for free, when they do a SuperRare smart contacts and deposits into their Ethereum wallet, the token is then permanently linked to the artwork. SuperRare users can go onto buy, sell or trade works on the platform. Experts estimating a fast growth of these kind of platform and market. This is a challenge for all museums professional to learn necessary skills to communicate and engage interested audiences. 


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