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COVID-19 is boosting and reshaping digital transformation of businesses worldwide. Also small and micro businesses need to consider the continuity, scale and scope of their digital operations in these new and unfamiliar trading conditions. Inevitably, as they struggle with business plans in a constant state of flux, investment in digitalisation projects has to be one of the priorities for the future. VRmed Ltd. is here to support micro and small businesses to create affordable concepts for efficient digital transformation processes, tailored to new company needs and budgets. Businesses will increasingly start to build resilience by complimenting product-focused models and stable digital alternatives. For some businesses this might include diversifying from the current core business and by adapting products and services to digital marketplaces. VRmed Ltd can support your business with smart affordable solutions, installations and team training. Start talking with us today.



  • We will listen to you and your team. We take it from here

  • Together we will build reliance for your business

  • We help you transfer your business to the cloud. Implementing cloud solutionan and supporting your IT

  • How to overcome the organisational, technological and skills barriers

  • How to integrate video conference solutions with team home offices and clients

  • Smart affordable e-commerce and shop solutions

  • Managing social media

  • How to create digital-virtual production work-flows

  • Create a virtual back-office to manage peaks and reduce risk

  • Apply for funding to start the digital transformation of your business.

  • Financial support for businesses during the corona virus (COVID-19)

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