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More than 58% of marketeers are still relying on gut feeling when making half of their decisions. This can be a dangerous route to take; the more options you have to evaluate and the more data you have to weigh, the less you should rely on instinct.  Data-Driven Content is a type of analytic strategy used for online user behaviour and content use.  The data used to create the content is obtained from a customer profile or buyer persona. This data is collected from a targeted audience who will buy a service or product and become returning buyers. Data-Driven Content uses customer profile information to create effective content marketing campaigns.


VRmed Ltd provides a service that helps you to go from "gut-feeling" to insights-driven marketing with actionable analytics and clients' insights. Our tools can help you sort through all the data and make the best possible decision. VRmed Ltd is using in-house and analysis tools to visualize customer profiles. The programs are using transaction data, browsing behaviour, and contact history to analyse, score, and visualize insights about your clients or consumers. 


We are using data for Data-Driven Content by conducting surveys, case and research studies, VR eye tracking etc.  We are using Integrated Online Assistance on the websites we are testing. This data can consist of statistics, stories, videos, and graphics that entertain and educate prospects.  Our target is to create a "buyer persona"


By achieving this through constant performance measurement and optimization of content our "storytelling-team" is able to develop the right story line for your service and product. You are not walking in the dark anymore.

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