V R   I S   H E R E   T O   S T A Y


VRmed. Ltd.  is a research- and development company based in Nottingham focused on cutting edge full immersive virtual and augmented reality technology (mixed reality technology) in the medical field. The background of the R&D team is „serious game“ development. The VRmed. Ltd. team is focused on interactive immersive solutions and medical mixed reality applications. VRmed. Ltd. transfers R&D know-how from the games industry in to medical needs and applications. VRmed. Ltd. also offers all kinds of new video production services including 360 º filming and interactive gaming programming.The forecast for interactive mixed reality applications is more than optimistic (Touchstone Research,Kzero et.al.). Virtual Reality is likely to have an impact on every major industry including gaming, education, healthcare, fitness, ecommerce, social media, mobile, entertainment, technology and travel to name a few. VRmed Ltd. is focused on mixed reality solutions for healthcare- and educational systems. VRmed. Ltd works with the industries standard software like OSVR, Unity3D, Unreal, C++ and own programming and coding with several VR SDKs (Software Development Kits) known in the industry.