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Artificial intellIGENCE

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Deep- and Machine Learning are important drivers of the future industry, as we experience the current technologies and workflows are very vulnerable. The best examples are the worldwide healthcare systems.  It does not mean that robot doctors rolling room to room in hospitals treating patients. AI is poised to make impactful and urgent contributions to the current health care ecosystem. VRmed developed an AI and Virtual Human based so called "stress-resilience"-app for smartphones to cope with the current life threatening situation UK frontline healthcare workers find themselves in.

Our interdisciplinairy developer teams are solving complex enterprise challenges using state of the art technologies and in-house solutions. Combining cutting edge immersive technologies, with machine learning systems we help UK businesses and society finding solutions during and after the crisis. We will help bridging social distancing to bring the world together in the "new normal".


UK wide there are several funding programmes to help your business to make use of AI technologies. We can help you to apply for funding.

                       Innovate UK - Artificial Intelligence 

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