Heritage & AEC Industry

Everyone who works in the AEC industry (architecture, engineering, and construction) thinks that BIM is the future of building, infrastructure design, construction, and maintenance. There are millions spent by BIM software companies each year trying to convince you that Building Information Modeling can’t happen without their product. What is “real BIM.” 

BMI & Simulation

Stop working huge inefficiency and disarticulation in your processes (working separately in design, modeling, and documentation), create one immerse environment combining BIM and VR.

Planning Visualisation

The concept is that these custom data structures can be optimized to store information formatted in a way that improves access speed, reducing the time needed to load the BIM’s data.

Interior Design

Use groundbreaking VR tools for your interior design. Simultaneously create 2D and 3D floors and full room scale immersive environment. Engage your clients by presenting full immersive simulations.


Lidar Point Cloud Technology

Any further questions regarding 3D scanning - simulations - VRcave - BIM ?