Market Analysis

Immersive technology


 At the moment of writing, Sony Playstation VR just opened up for pre-orders… and sold-out. Then there’s Samsung with Gear VR, Microsoft with HoloLens ($3k!), Google with their 5 million+ cardboards already in the market, LG with less successful LG 360 VR, etc. etc… Virtually (pun intended) every major tech company is investing money into VR. Even Amazon has started displaying VR jobs on Glassdoor. And Apple? Don’t worry, they will come to the market soon. It’s undeniable that VR has made a huge statement. It is here to stay. It’s already being used in more than 20 different application. Being in a VR startup myself, it feels like everyone is racing to the top of the VR tech summit and check out the scenery.



One of our recent reports forecasts that VR in the UK entertainment and media industry alone will reach a value of £801m by 2021, making it the fastest growing and largest VR industry in EMEA (PWC)