Our Expertise

Business opportunities of immersive technologies

VRmed. Ltd.  is a development company focused on immersive technology. We are based in Radcliffe on Trent with offices in Nottingham.  immersive technology includes virtual and augmented reality technology (mixed reality technology). We are members of IMMERSE UK - a new cross-sector network for businesses and research. We are part of the UK economy that is interested in the way that augmented and virtual reality can help drive productivity, social and economic growth of our clients business. We will help your business to take full advantage of the new opportunities these new technologies will provide, by identifying demand and helping your business tapping into new areas for growth. Our team has a background of product development in construction, coding, medical education and film- and video-industry. We are an experiential design company specialising in the creation of immersive and mixed reality solutions to engage audiences, take them on transformative journeys and deliver powerful messaging for your brand.

Helping to drive your productivity and business

We are focused on interactive immersive solutions mixed reality applications. Transferring out R&D know-how from the games industry in to other parts of the UK industry. VRmed. Ltd. also offers all kinds of new video production services including 360 º filming and interactive gaming programming. Using unique multi-sensory technology with virtual and augmented technology enable us to create advanced visualisation for big data for Enterprise sectors like automotive, aerospace and construction. Immersive simulation helps to drive your productivity and your brand. 


Training and Education

Virtual reality is used in many training scenarios as it confers a wide range of benefits for academia and industry alike. We help you to transfer your educational content and training scenarios into cutting edge immersive environment to engage your audience. We trained medical students and young engineers using VR and AR for self-learning system based on sensory immersive technology. Basically what virtual reality enables teachers, lecturers or anyone in an educational setting to do is to deliver large amounts of often complex information in a visually attractive way. Many students find it easier to learn when presented with a visual explanation which they also find easier to retain and recall.


Jump Start Workshops

The best way to start finding out if and how the new immersive technology can help to improve your productivity and grow your business is to arrange a workshop with our team, focused on the special needs of your products and services. Structured workshops are the best tool to define a first projects. We will prepare a business workshop including market analysis and all background information needed to decide how you want to start using immersive technologies.